Places to visit near Zelaikoa


Zelaikoa is located in the town of Zestoa (formerly Cestona) , a place celebrated above all for its thermal waters, for its historical, elegant Cestona Spa, the Ekain cave, famous for its cave paintings and its replica, Ekainberri.

Although the location of the farmhouse is located in the hinterland and in the middle of nature, the beach in Zumaia is just 4 kilometres away and thus both sea and mountain activities can be easily accommodated.

Locations near Zelaikoa

Euskadi trails

The abundance of existing footpaths in Euskadi has enabled the setting up of a network of signposted and marked trails, allowing us to explore the territory and admire its diverse landscapes and valuable cultural heritage. Read more.

Visit San Sebastian

The moment you arrive in San Sebastián, La Concha beach invites you for a dip or a pleasant stroll along the shore, even in winter. The elegance of the bay, framed by the massif of Igueldo and the island of Santa Clara, is known the world over. Read more.

Geopark & Flysch

The Basque Coast Geopark is a small area wedged in between the Bay of Biscay and the Basque mountains and comprising the municipalities of MUTRIKU, DEBA and ZUMAIA.

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Have you heard about the variety of waves in the Basque Country? Some of them are among the top 10 in the world! Read more.

The Sanctuary of Loiola

The Sanctuary of Loyola monumental site is a key element of religious tourism in the Basque Country and is one of the points of the three temples route. Read more.

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